Global Shipping Selection Guide: Compare Eight Major Consolidating Companies with Price, Service, Speed

Online cross-border shopping is very popular nowadays. As more and more people join in, cross-border logistics has become a hot topic. For consumers, if you want to buy cheap and high-quality products, and you also want to receive the goods in the shortest time, you need to carefully study the prices, taxes and transportation time of the logistics companies before shopping across borders. For example, Amazon, although some products support direct shipping to Hong Kong, there are still many products do not offer such service. Nowadays, the number of cross-border logistics companies is large, prices are different, and service levels are uneven. It is difficult for consumers to make decisions.

In order to make your cross border shopping experience better,  Comparee helps you to compare the service, price and user evaluation of some major logistics companies. We select Top 5 cross-border shipping companies, and attaches a price summary table at the end of the article!

Top 5 Global cross-border shipping companies

1. Buyippee

2. Piece up

3. DimBuy

4. 1hcang

5. Buyandship

1. Buyippee

Buyippee has offices in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Their branch offices and warehouses cover in various locations namely U.S.A., U.K., Germany, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and China to assist with receiving, fulfilling, and shipping orders back to Hong Kong as fast as possible. All overseas warehouses and offices are owned by the company. Buyippee’s US warehouse is sent out to Hong Kong every day and by direct flight express. It usually arrives in Hong Kong within 3 to 5 working days, the transportation speed is the fastest. In addition, Buyippee offers a free repack service to remove packaging boxes for customers and reduce international shipping costs!

Buyippee latest news:  Paid by cash or EPS, the shipping and purchasing fee get reduction of $20! The activity lasts until the end of April!

2. Piece up2

Piece up began operations in 2013 and offers global shipping and purchasing services. Piece up provides mobile app downloads, users can search for the latest offers and product information every day. And through the mobile app, users can get the latest activities of each parcel and continue to obtain logistics information. They offer a variety of payment methods, you can choose to pay by cash or Eps at the store,  the online platform also supports credit card payment, which is convenient and quick.

3. DimBuy

DimBuy developed its logistics business in 2011 and is now one of the largest third-party logistics providers in Hong Kong with a service network covering China, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom. DimBuy has more than 1,500 pick-up networks throughout Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and Macau. Some pick-up points support 24-hour open pick-up throughout the day.

4. 1hcang

Shenzhen Information Technology Company, established in 2013, has a service network covering the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Australia, Italy, South Korea, Hong Kong and other regions, with 15 self-operated warehouses and service outlets. The shipping route offers a choice of different prices and different transportation speeds, including discount express line, postal express line, Hong Kong self-lifting line, etc. Users can choose services according to the type of products and their own needs. Payment methods are available for Alipay and WeChat payment.

5. Buyandship

Established in 2014, Buyandship is a HK-based company providing global shipping services for customers who wish to shop across US, UK, Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan. They have established a network of self-operating (US, JP) and dedicated (UK, KR, CN, TW) warehouses for users to ensure fast and efficient delivery services. Scheduled flights from these warehouses back to HK are arranged on a weekly basis, while the delivery fee will be based on the parcel’s actual weight (not parcel size).

Price Summary Table

1BuyippeeFirst Weight$25/0.5kg$25/0.5kg$25/0.5kg$25/0.5kg
Additional Weight$25/0.5kg$25/0.5kg$25/0.5kg$25/0.5kg
Service Charge$20$20 + 8% sales tax$20$20
2Piece upFirst Weight$24/LBS$32/LBS//
Additional Weight$24/LBS$32/LBS
3DimBuyFirst Weight$39/0.5kg$32/0.5kg$46/0.5kg/
Additional Weight$39/0.5kg$32/0.5kg$46/0.5kg
41hcangFirst Weight¥11- ¥90/0.5kg/¥40-¥120/
Additional Weight¥2.2-¥7/0.1kg¥20-¥35/0.5kg
5BuyandshipFirst Weight$22-$26/LBS$22-$26/LBS$22-$26/LBS/
Additional Weight$22-$26/LBS$22-$26/LBS$22-$26/LBS
6GobuyshipFirst Weight$20-$25/LBS$22-$27/LBS$22-$27/LBS$22-$27/LBS
Additional Weight$20-$25/LBS$22-$27/LBS$22-$27/LBS$22-$27/LBS
7MillionDEAL 韓中First Weight$17-$47/LBS$24/0.5kg$20/0.5kg$20/0.5kg
Additional Weight$17/LBS$24/0.5kg$20/0.5kg$20/0.5kg
8TransRush轉運四方First Weight¥2.7/0.1kg¥3.15/0.1kg¥2.14/0.1kg¥4.05/0.1kg
Additional Weight////
Service Charge¥16.2¥16.2¥13.5¥13.5

Note:1 LBS  = 0.45359237 Kg

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